Pooltables - ROTTER since 1996
Manufacturing, selling and servicing of the pooltables, soccer tables,
air hockey, amusement machines, pocker tables, dart machines, scoreboards,
timers, accessories and spare parts. Consultancy and assessment service.


  • Manufacturing of pooltables ROTTER (Czech product of our company)


  • Billiards brands SAM Billares, Dynamic, WIK, Garland, TOOL, Ursus billiards.
  • Football table brands Roberto, Garland, SAM Billares, Tornado.
  • Air Hockey brands WIK, SAM Billares.
  • Super Chexx brand IceGame
  • Amusement Machines brand Jakar, SAM Billares, Ice Games.
  • Scoreboards brand Favero.
  • TIMER brand Favero
  • Poker tables and poker accessories.
  • Billiards cloth, pool cues, cue cases, balls, cue cases, cue bridge, cue stands, bridges on cue, the skin on cue, lights and lamps, slate board, coin, tokens, counters, canvas covers, posters, rebound rubber, baskets and pockets, triangles, etc.


  • Billiards cloth replacement.
  • Billiards balancing.
  • Pooltables moving.
  • Pooltables removal and installation.
  • Billiards overhauling.
  • Pooltables repairs.
  • Boundaries repairs.
  • Coin meter repairs.
  • Timer repairs.
  • Football table repairs.
  • Air hockey repairs.
  • Strenth machines repairs.
  • Amusement machines repairs.
  • Cues repairs.
  • Consignment sale.
  • Bazar.


  • In the field of pool tables, installation of pool halls, restaurants, bars, residences, sports facilities, mountain lodges, guest houses or other premises in which they operated pool tables, football tables, air hockey, strength machines, amusement machina etc.
  • When selecting billiards, table football, air hockey, parameters such as design, material selection, room layout, lighting system for withdrawing money, drawings or final complete implementation of the operations.
  • Professional consulting in the field of film production (English)
  • Professional price estimates for insurance companies, courts, private individuals, companies and other entities ( including photos )


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